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Take a look at some of the services and benefits that advertising with us can bring. Already interested? Click here.

Digital Colour Photography utilizes the services of a professional photographer to take expert shots of your business premises for display on our site. You can choose indoor and outdoor shots and create images that will maximize your viewing potential on the internet.

Full Contact/Location/Direction Listings
Each listing will contain your business address, your contact information including e-mail, fax, phone lines and if applicable a link to your own webpage. Your location and direction listings will include a popup window with detailed mapping information of your area with a pinpoint of your exact location.

Online Menus (Gold & Platinum packages only)
The online menu, is a dynamic way of showing customers the services your business can offer, and can be easily updated to feature a range of offers, specials and new products. We can take a digital photo of the menu itself, or you may submit you menu in a different format for inclusion.

360° Virtual Tour Facility (Platinum package only)
The virtual tour facility is an exciting visual tool, comprising of a full viewing system of your premises in an easy to navigate window. By using panoramic photography techniques and stitching tools, can create a full tour of any part of your business you wish.

Monthly Statistics Report
Each company listing with, will receive on a monthly basis a full statistical report containing web hits, referrals, and viewings showing the benefits of listing with

Update Services
This facility allows all listing business to update, change or improve their features. For example, display new offers, deals and new products by simply contacting our client services team, who will quickly and professionally make the necessary changes within 48 hours.

Customer Support Services
Our customer support team is available by telephone during office hours Monday-Friday and by e-mail 24hours a day seven days a week. We aim to provide a quality service to keep you up and running, and to help in any way we can to ensure our relationship is an efficient and profitable one.

Mapping Services
Using an internet based mapping service, customers will be able find your business with ease with a pop-up scale map of you locality, and includes a print option. This service is provided free of charge.

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